About Us


Applied Composite Technologies (ACT), founded by Andrzej Pete Kula, began operations in 1993 out of the waterfront of Victoria Dock in Melbourne, Australia, with the launch of their first custom built carbon fibre rig for a 60 foot catamaran sent to Chesapeake Bay, USA.

In 2000, ACT relocate to a new, larger workhouse in Sunshine West, Victoria as the demand for bigger carbon masts grew. The Company tooled up for production of larger masts with capability of delivering no less then 17 size mast sections, for boats ranging from under 30 foot sports boats through to maxi 100 footers. 

In 2003, ACT build a carbon rig for the maxi yacht Skandia, Australian winner of the  Sydney to Hobart race. Prosperous years follow with ACT delivering a great number of carbon rigs for custom and production yachts. 

Some major ACT projects to date:

Over the years, ACT has boosted exports of custom built rigs overseas, as far as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. For over two decades ACT proudly continue to rig mono and multi-hull yachts locally and abroad. 

At present, ACT holds two subsidiary companies: Melbourne Yacht Rigging and Alecto KiteFoiling Australia.

Applied Composite Technologies (ACT)

ACT has developed an advanced method of production of carbon fibre spars diverted from aerospace technology. We pressure mould or mast sections and other components in purposely designed tools and process the carbon epoxy laminates at high pressures and temperatures. Our choice of carbon epoxy pre-pregs comes from Gurit SP-Systems our supplier since inception of our Company. We commission various composite components for boats and other applications. Recently, assisting Sykes Racing we developed production of carbon out-riggers for the rowing boats produced in Australia. 

Melbourne Yacht Rigging

Melbourne Yacht Rigging is our subsidiary operation providing rig services locally in Victoria. We service all type of rigs: carbon, aluminium and also timber - whenever the opportunity arises. 

Our service includes:

Alecto KiteFoiling Australia

Alecto KiteFoiling proudly developed the first Australian production of a carbon fibre hydrofoil for kite surfing. To date our hydrofoils raced in the World Cup under the Alecto brand formally KFA.